They Left Him to Die?!

Police line

( – Although he was left to die, 26-year-old aspiring doctor Christopher Gilbert is making a surprising recovery after being pushed into a Louisiana lake by friends who claimed they did not know he could not swim.

This incident that nearly cost Gilbert his life happened at a restaurant dock in Farmerville and now his family is gearing up for legal action.

Doctors described Gilbert as practically “brain dead” and put him on life support. But in a miraculous turn of events, Gilbert is now off life support, talking and eating less than a month after the event, according to his family’s attorney, Claudia Payne.

However, he still needs to go through physical recovery and has memory issues.

The tragic incident unfolded when Gilbert went underwater for about ten minutes after a friend pushed him off the dock.

His friends did not step in to rescue him, which has sparked fierce criticism and questions about their actions.

A bystander named Dawson Foust, who was at the restaurant but not part of Gilbert’s group, heroically jumped into the water to save him.

The family is now gearing up to sue the restaurant, Rhett’s Tails and Shells, accusing it of negligence for not securing the dock area properly, especially since alcohol was served on the premises.

Additionally, the family is pushing for legal action against the woman who pushed Gilbert into the lake.

They allege a racial bias in the lack of swift police action, as Gilbert is black and the friends involved are white.

“Had Chris, a black male, pushed a white female into a lake, he would be arrested,” Payne stated. She stated she wanted the law to be applied equally instead of having the woman receive harsh persecution.

Farmerville Police declined to comment by citing the ongoing nature of the investigation.

The events leading to Gilbert being pushed into the lake are murky. At first, his friends claimed he had accidentally fallen in but they later admitted they pushed him during what they described as horseplay.

Although video evidence from the day shows the friends doing nothing as Gilbert struggled in the water, they later claimed they did not know Gilbert could not swim.

Gilbert’s mother, Yolanda George, countered these claims, asserting, “Everybody knows Chris can’t swim. He’s always joking about it.”

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