About Straight Shooter News

Welcome to Straight Shooter News, an American news outlet dedicated to bringing you honest news based on fact–not bias. We’re a team of writers and editors that values objectivity in news, because we know our readers expect the truth. If you’re looking for balanced, impartial reporting that just focuses on current events without attempting to sway your opinion, then we are here for you.

Our Mission: Honest Reporting

Straight Shooter News is built on a foundation of trustworthiness and journalistic integrity. We’re on a mission to deliver factual and honest news to you. Our team covers current events, political developments, the economy, and even global news that impacts us here in the US. Just like you, we know the critical nature of accurate reporting. Being able to access honest news is so important, so we want to make that easy.

Neutral News for Readers Like You

We aim to keep our news neutral and unbiased. Our job isn’t to shape what you believe, but to provide you with the facts of any given story so that you can decide where you stand. Journalism is meant to be informative and as uncomplicated as possible. That’s what we strive to publish here.

Readers like you want news that gets straight to the point, and we understand you. That’s why we’ve built Straight Shooter News to cater to direct, fact-based news that helps you quickly understand what’s happening in the world. At the same time, we’ll avoid fake news bias and help you cut through the noise that’s so common in the mainstream. It’s so important that when we uncover the truth of a developing story, we share it with you. That’s what we’re here for.

Wondering what kinds of news stories you’ll be getting from Straight Shooter News? Read on.

Honest Daily Briefs

Honest Daily Briefs deliver punchy, short news reports from across the US, as well as internationally. These skimmable, objective stories bring you the facts so you can decide where you stand on the key stories of the day. Through Straight Shooter News, you’ll have easy access to understandable, straightforward news you can check no matter where you go, so you can stay in the know.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk news reports are stories that broaden some of the hottest news topics of the moment, adding extra details so you can get a more contextualized understanding of the events they cover. When a story is dominating the headlines, you might just find it among our Straight Talk stories. We’ll offer a deeper, in-depth story that covers the event from multiple viewpoints so you can decide what you think.

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