61% of Americans Do What?

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(StraightShooterNews.com) – The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) recently unveiled that an impressive 61% of Americans from ages 5 to 90—that is 190.6 million people—play video games.

According to their latest annual report on the U.S. video game industry for 2024, this figure is not just about play: it is about the positive impacts of gaming across varied races, genders, ethnicities and ages.

Supported by parent-approved interviews, this is the first year the report has included children aged 5-17, which shows just how broad the reach of gaming is.

ESA CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis told GamesBeat that nearly 191 million Americans play games weekly.

He emphasized, “What the 2024 Essential Facts really reveals that video games are a lifelong source of entertainment for many Americans. It’s not simply a fad, or things people do in their childhood.

He adde, “It is really a cultural and social phenomenon that continues to have emotional impact for people across all demographics, race, gender, ethnicity, age. You name it. Every group is playing.”

Further detailing the demographics, the ESA highlighted that the averagе gamer is 36 years old and has been gaming for 17 years, which debunks the notion that gaming is just a youthful pastime.

Moreover, gamers and non-gamers alikе across the U.S. recognize gaming for its mental and social benefits.

“Video games have been a fixture in American life and culture for generations,” Pierre-Louis remarked. “Players of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are embracing the positivity that video games bring to their lives.”

“While the games we play—and how we play them—evolves over time, what remains consistent is how video games enhance our lives in ways that inspire us and bring us closer together,” he explained.

The report also touched on the demographic spread among American adult gamers: 75% are White, 19% are Hispanic, 12% are Black, 4% are Asian/Pacific Islander and 3% are Native American.

Regarding the emotional and cognitive benefits, a vast majority of U.S. adults believe that video games provide joy (79%), mental stimulation (77%) and stress relief (76%).

Family connections through gaming also feature prominently. About 72% of American parents game, with 83% of those playing games with their children as a means for quality family time and shared enjoyment.

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