‘American Idol’ Confesses

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Following a drastic change of appearance in recent months, American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson shared that medication played a huge role in her notable weight loss.

In a conversation with Whoopi Goldberg on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Clarkson discussed her health journey.

Goldberg, who has also slimmed down with the aid of a Type II diabetes weight loss drug called Mounjaro, listened as Clarkson revealed her own struggles.

“I’ve lost a lot [of weight] as well,” Clarkson remarked during the episode. She explained that her decision to use medication came after concerning results from her blood work.

Clarkson was quick to clarify that her medication is not Ozempic, a drug many have speculated about.

“My doctor chased me for two years and I was like, ‘No, I’m afraid of it. I already have thyroid problems,’” she said.

“Everybody thinks it’s Ozempic — it’s not — it’s something else, but it’s something that aids in helping break down the sugar. Obviously, my body doesn’t do it right,” she added.

Clarkson also touched on her weight at its highest. “My heaviest, I was 203 [pounds] and I’m 5 [foot] 3 and a half [inches tall],” she shared.

She also added that despite what people might have thought assumptions, she was not miserable at that weight.

Though she has not specified how much weight she has lost, reports suggest a 60-pound reduction.

In the past, Clarkson faced rumors of using Ozempic for weight loss, but she has consistently credited her success to lifestyle changes.

“I dropped weight because I’ve been listening to my doctor — a couple of years I didn’t,” she told People magazine.

She revealed that a protein-rich diet was key, which suits her preferences as a native Texan who likes to eat meat.

Additionally, Clarkson revealed some physical activities that have helped her lose weight.

“Walking in the city is quite the workout. I’m really into infrared saunas right now. And I just got a cold plunge because everybody wore me down,” she explained.

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