Judges Slam ‘Incubator of Bigotry’

(StraightShooterNews.com) – In a firm decision holding enabling universities accountable, thirteen federal judges announced they will no longer hire students from Columbia University for being an “incubator of bigotry.”

The judges criticized Columbia for mishandling anti-Israel protests and said its students would lose the opportunity to apply to law clerk positions.

In a letter to Columbia President Minouche Shafik, the judges expressed their disappointment, stating, “Columbia University has become ground zero for the explosion of student disruptions, anti-semitism, and hatred for diverse viewpoints on campuses across the Nation.”

The judges stated they “have lost confidence in Columbia as an institution of higher education. Columbia has instead become an incubator of bigotry.”

The judges are demanding that Columbia take serious action against students and faculty involved in the protests. They said that their anti-Semitic campaign tarnishes the university’s reputation and risks its graduates not being employed in the future.

“Universities should also identify students who engage in such conduct so that future employers can avoid hiring them,” the letter advised while highlighting concerns about graduates’ potential “disruptive and hateful” behavior in professional settings.

The controversy escalated when the New York Police Department cleared out an encampment at Hamilton Hall where student protesters had caused major trouble.

The judges urged Columbia to enforce campus rules neutrally and to encourage a diversity of viewpoints among its faculty and administration.

“If Columbia had been faced with a campus uprising of religious conservatives upset because they view abortion as a tragic genocide, we have no doubt that the university’s response would have been profoundly different,” the judges said.

The letter emphasizes the judges’ disappointment with Columbia by stating they will not hire anyone from the university starting with the class of 2024 unless there is a significant change in the university’s approach.

All the letter’s signatories were appointed by former President Donald Trump and include notable figures like appellate court judges Elizabeth Branch and James Ho and Federal Claims Court judge Matthew Solomson.

Highlighting the current dire situation at the university, Columbia had to cancel its main commencement ceremony due to fears that the anti-Israel protests would put students in danger.

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