‘A Massive Strategic Loss’

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Since the Biden administration has constantly overlooked China’s global ambitions, experts and legislators are concerned the U.S. suffered “a massive strategic loss” since China has quietly solidified its foothold in Latin America.

During his tenure, Joe Biden has neglected China’s growing influence on the continent. This has expanded the communist nation’s military cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean by including arms sales and military training.

This partnership is notably strong with Venezuela, which has purchased substantial military equipment from China.

Additionally, China has a strategic intelligence base in Cuba and several space-related installations throughout Latin America to boost its surveillance and space capabilities closer to the U.S.

Experts like Gordon Chang criticize the Biden administration for letting these developments happen. Gordon suggested that this oversight has strengthened China’s economic and military positions in Latin America.

“The Biden administration is certainly not paying enough attention to Latin America and the Caribbean,” Chang stated.

He added, “Biden is guilty of more than neglect, however. He undermined Jair Bolsonaro’s reelection bid in Brazil in 2022 because he was a conservative. Lula da Silva won and turned Brazil leftward — and toward China.”

Republican Florida Rep. Michael Waltz has said the only way to stop China’s growing influence in Latin America is to implement “a new Monroe Doctrine.”

“It would be a massive strategic loss if China is able to continue to increase its military presence in places like Cuba and monopolize Latin America’s export market,” he expressed.

Additionally, recent meetings between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and leaders in Argentina and Bolivia highlight Beijing’s emphasis on “South-South cooperation.”

Critics argue that the Biden administration has not effectively developed ties with Latin American countries, which makes them more receptive to Chinese efforts.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Michael McCaul underscored the threat posed by China’s deepening influence in the region.

“The CCP’s tentacles reach nearly every corner of the globe as it continues to engage in debt trap diplomacy — masquerading as a friend to developing countries before saddling them with unsustainable debt,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Andres Martinez-Fernandez from The Heritage Foundation pointed out that China’s increased presence in Latin America could boost Beijing while undermining U.S. interests.

“The Biden administration has taken Washington’s historical inattention to Latin America to unthinkable levels, even as Beijing sharpens its engagement,” he concluded.

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