Wild Fight Caught on Video

(StraightShooterNews.com) – In what should have been a time for joy and celebration, a Father’s Day golf outing at Raccoon Hill Golf Club in Kent, Ohio, turned into complete chaos rather quickly.

Watch the video below.

On a sunny Sunday, a dramatic six-person fight broke out on the green, transforming the course into an unexpected battleground.

Participants were seen aggressively grappling and striking each other, drawing a crowd. The melee was captured by social media user @BarnRatVapeGod, who posted the video online.

Amid the confusion, spectators could be heard reacting with shock and narrating the chaos.

“Look at this s***,” one viewer remarked. “What the f*** is going on here?” Another exclaimed, “Holy s***.”

Meanwhile, a third onlooker commented on the intensity, “Whole f***ing brawl,” and gave a blow-by-blow description: “Look at this, they’re beating him down. Guy’s got his shirt over his head. Look at this … ooh, took him down!”

As the altercation wound down, one participant called for peace, urging everyone to “cut it out!”

Curious followers asked about the cause of the fight. @BarnRatVapeGod explained that it started over a golfing dispute where a four-foot putt was expected to be conceded but was missed instead, which led to a physical altercation.

The irony of such behavior on Father’s Day and presumably in front of families was not lost on observers, who hoped the brawlers were not examples of fatherhood for their children.

In a later update, @BarnRatVapeGod noted that the police were called to the scene.

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