VIDEO: Trump Defends Mental Capacity

Donald Trump

( – Finding himself a renewed target now that the race for the GOP presidential nomination has come down to two candidates, former President Donald Trump is dismissing attacks from former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Following Haley’s repeated comments regarding his age, Trump defended his mental fitness during a candid discussion with Fox News, highlighting previous tests disproving rumors of alleged cognitive decline.

Watch the video and see the transcript below.


MARTHA MACCALLUM: So Nikki Haley says she has the two-person race she’s always wanted, she has been coming after you strongly in the past few days. It’s worked both ways and you’ve come after her as well. She keeps bringing up your age lately, what do you say about that?

DONALD TRUMP: Well I think I’m a lot sharper than her. I would do this, let’s sit down right now and take an aptitude test, and it would be my result against her result. And she’s not gonna win, not gonna even come close to winning.

In fact, when I heard the word “cognitive,” in fact, I’ve taken two of them now. I took one with Dr. Ronny, who is now a fantastic Congressman from Texas… Admiral, the White House doctor, Jackson, Ronny Jackson, and he’s now a great congressman from Texas. I took one then and I took one recently, I think the result was announced, and I aced it twice. I aced it. But I would say that I’ve actually called for a cognitive test for anybody running for president, it would be nice to have an intelligent person as president.