VIDEO: Trump Attacked; ‘Theocracy’ Coming

Donald Trump

( – In an effort to fire up the leftwing base and create confusion, Democratic strategist James Carville claimed that a reelection of former President Donald Trump could lead the U.S. toward becoming a theocracy.

Watch the video below.

Carville made his comments when discussing the likely possibility that Trump could end up replacing Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Amid discussions among some liberals about whether Justice Sotomayor should retire before the next election to allow a younger Democrat to be appointed, Carville emphasized the significant implications of such a shift on “James Carville Explains.”

He expressed grave concerns about the future of constitutional rights and religious freedom under another Trump term.

“I can assure you, if Trump wins and he names a replacement for Sotomayor, it’s game, set, match,” Carville declared.

He added, “There’s no more Constitution, there’s no more religious freedom. We’re now going to officially move into a theocracy … I hear young people say, ‘well I don’t feel like I have a stake in this.’ Well. you got a hell of a stake coming up.”

This comes after Republican Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry signed Senate Bill 313, mandating the display of the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms, a move Carville ties to broader, more ominous political shifts.

“So let’s everybody remember what’s really really at stake here,” Carville continued. “What this is really really about.”

“And it’s about imposing a theocracy on other people and the fools and tools that are being used for this opening salvo, this Fort Sumter, Pearl Harbor, whatever you want to call,” he further said.

He elaborated, “It is in Louisiana and they’re being exploited by people who really have, which I think is an odious and insidious agenda for the United States of America. So let’s fight this thing like our country depended on it because it does.”

Additionally, Carville has been vocal about his stance on media coverage of Trump and urged outlets to adopt a more critical approach to help prevent Trump’s reelection, given the high stakes he perceives.

“I don’t have anything against slanted coverage,” he admitted. “I really don’t … I would have something against it at most other times in American history, but not right now.”

“F*** your objectivity. The real objectivity in this country right now is we’re either going to have a Constitution or we’re not,” he concluded.

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