VIDEO: Police Drone Saves Teen

( – In a newly released video showcasing the novel capabilities of police equipment, a deployed drone was able to locate and therefore save the life of an intoxicated teen.

Watch the video below.

After several other intoxicated juveniles made a 911 call to report that one of their friends had wandered off into a dark field nearby, law enforcement was alerted to a situation at the Colorado Mills Mall.

Responding to the urgency of the situation, Agent Bacon quickly called for a drone operator to assist in locating the missing teen.

Agent Taylor responded promptly with a drone equipped with an infrared camera, which soon detected the small figure of a person lying in a brush.

Through precise coordination, Agent Taylor guided ground agents directly to the teen’s location.

Agents Daversa, Carrol and Bacon found the teen unresponsive and not breathing. Immediate life-saving actions, including CPR and positioning the teen to aid recovery, were crucial in giving him a second chance at life.

The Lakewood Police Department’s Drone Team, which has been operational since 2018, includes 12 skilled operators who are key to various critical operations.

Their expertise includes search and rescue, crime scene analysis and vital support during tactical operations. In this particular incident, the drone’s timely deployment was essential in locating and saving the teen’s life.

The potential for drones as first responders is gaining traction within local law enforcement across Colorado’s Front Range.

Some agencies are exploring the idea of deploying drones in response to 911 calls—a significant shift towards modernizing response strategies. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also reallocates human resources to more critical tasks.

Sgt. Jeremiah Gates, who heads the drone unit at the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, points out that drones will undoubtedly become a staple of law enforcement.

The department is in the early stages of planning how drones could be used more expansively, including for tasks such as assessing traffic issues or inspecting suspicious vehicles without direct officer involvement.

Such applications could conserve valuable law enforcement resources and expedite responses to various incidents.

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