VIDEO: Pelosi Attacks Netanyahu

( – In a blatant confirmation that Democrats blame Israel for the ongoing crisis spurred by the terrorist group Hamas, Representative Nancy Pelosi from California said she has “always questioned” if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “capable of peace.”

Watch the video below.

During a segment on “CNN NewsNight,” Pelosi said she doubted that Netanyahu leaned toward peace, a stance she noted she has maintained for decades.

Pelosi claimed she had concerns over the incident where World Central Kitchen workers were killed and demanded Israel conduct a thorough investigation into the strike before the United States provides any further military support.

Pelosi criticized, “Netanyahu has to come around. He has not been a peace-oriented person. I’ve always questioned that for decades now as to whether he could — was capable of peace, wanted to do peace, or was afraid of peace. And I feel so sad about what happened on October 7.”

“It was brutal what Hamas, which is a terrorist organization, did in Israel was horrible, and the response that Israel has made is one that has serious humanitarian concerns. And so, we’d like to see support for Israel to defend itself,” she continued.

Pelosi added, “That’s in our interests for them to be secure in that dangerous neighborhood, but also for us to prevent starvation and famine and dehydration among children and families.”

She further suggested the need for a more expansive probe into the incident beyond what Israel has initiated, stating, “Well, what we have said in a letter a week or so ago was that there has to be an investigation of how that happened, and we shouldn’t be giving any more weapons until that happens.”

Pelosi also remarked that the ongoing Israeli investigation fell short of expectations and called for “an independent investigation of how that happened.”

“It was beyond the pale. But nonetheless, the letter that we sent was very discrete in terms of, you must investigate this, because we need to know how this could have happened,” Pelosi concluded.

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