VIDEO: Kangaroos Stampeding Where?!

( – In an astounding showcase of the wonders of animal wildlife, an astonishing scene unfolded on a golf course in Victoria, Australia, that captured a must-see moment for anyone dreaming of visiting Down Under.

Watch the video below.

Stephen Roche shared an account online showcasing a massive herd of kangaroos making an unexpected appearance while leaping across the Heritage Golf and Country Club.

This spectacle, which Roche fittingly described as a “fair dinkum stampede,” is something he confessed to never witnessing before, despite kangaroos being a common sight on the club’s courses.

In his video footage Roche humorously expressed his hope that the kangaroos better “not stand on my golf ball.”

From another vantage point, golfer Michael McCarthy captured the same event and marveled at the duration of the kangaroo procession which seemed to stretch endlessly.

This remarkable encounter is precisely why people can find themselves constantly daydreaming about a trip to Australia. Envision channeling your inner Steve Irwin to engage in thrilling adventures among Australia’s unique wildlife.

Witnessing such an event where kangaroos gracefully interrupt a game of golf in vast numbers brings to life the extraordinary encounters that await in Australia.

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