VIDEO: Iranian Pipeline Explodes

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( – In a testament to the escalating tensions stemming from Israel’s ongoing war with Hamas, a series of explosions rocked a natural gas pipeline in Iran in an incident an official characterized as “sabotage and terrorist action.”

Watch the video below.

The specifics were minimal but the explosions occurred along a pipeline stretching from the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province in western Iran to cities along the Caspian Sea.

The affected pipeline extends approximately 1,270 kilometers (790 miles) and begins in Asaluyeh, a central processing location for the South Pars gas field off Iran’s coast.

Saeed Aghli, who oversees Iran’s gas network control, reported to the state’s television network that deliberate “sabotage and terrorist” activities were responsible for the damage inflicted on various segments of this pipeline.

The region is predominantly inhabited by the Bakhtiari people—part of the Lur ethnic group— and lacks any significant presence of insurgent activities.

Echoing historical parallels, Iran’s Oil Minister Javad Owji drew comparisons between this act of alleged sabotage and similar unresolved attacks on the nation’s gas pipelines in 2011.

Owji elaborated on the adversaries’ failed objectives, which aimed to disrupt gas supplies to key provinces, but noted that a few villages were impacted due to their proximity to the pipeline.

Historically the southwestern region of Iran has witnessed attacks on oil pipelines by Arab separatists, though such assaults on infrastructure are infrequent in other parts of the country.

There has been a surge in domestic tensions in recent years due to international sanctions impacting Iran’s economy particularly over its nuclear agenda. The nation has also experienced significant protests, notably in 2022 following the death of Mahsa Amini who was detained over alleged non-compliance with the compulsory hijab law.

In parallel Israel has targeted Iran’s nuclear capabilities through various operations. The U.N.’s nuclear oversight head recently expressed concerns over Iran’s opacity regarding its nuclear ambitions especially following revelations by a former program leader that Iran possesses all necessary components for a nuclear weapon.

Amidst nuclear apprehensions Iran-supported factions including Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthi rebels in Yemen have initiated assaults on Israel for its war against Hamas. The Houthis have also targeted commercial maritime routes that have prompted counterstrikes from both the United States and the United Kingdom.Principio del formulario