VIDEO: Ice Storm Ravages Northwest

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( – In a devastating development highlighting the dangers of extreme weather conditions, two successive ice storms have wreaked havoc across Oregon this week, leading to extensive damage and causing several deaths.

Videos circulating on social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), show the gravity of the situation, with trees weighted down with ice, their branches dragging on the ground or completely broken.

Watch the videos below.

National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologist Tyler Kranz, who captured and shared some of the footage, estimated that the area around Springfield, Oregon, experienced approximately an inch of ice accumulation.

Kranz’s post on X described the severity of the storm’s impact in Springfield, located about 100 miles from Portland, stating:

“Devastating ice storm damage over parts of northwest Oregon from two back to back storms. This is the worst winter storm damage I’ve ever seen (in the Springfield area). Nearly every tree was damaged or downed. Power lines down all over. Pray for Oregon! #icestorm”

The NWS office in Portland reported about 0.40 inches of ice, likening their parking lot to “an ice rink,” and advised residents to stay indoors.

The treacherous weather led the Oregon Department of Transportation (DOT) to close several roads and highways. However, the relentless nature of the storms frustrated the DOT’s efforts to combat the icy conditions with plows, sand, deicer, and salt, as detailed in a post on X.

Tragically, the ice storms claimed several lives in Oregon. In a distressing incident in Northeast Portland, a power line fell on an SUV, electrocuting and killing two adults and a teenager, as reported by the Associated Press. A baby in the vehicle survived the incident.

Forecasters warn that the icy conditions are likely to continue and worsen. More freezing rain is expected in parts of northwest Oregon, particularly in the western Columbia River Gorge and eastern Portland.

The NWS in Portland has issued multiple active alerts, including ice storm and winter storm warnings and gale and wind advisories, in anticipation of continued extreme weather conditions through the weekend.