(Video) Biden’s Cognitive DECLINE; Insiders SPEAK

Joe Biden

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Renowned for uncovering the Watergate scandal, respected journalist Carl Bernstein has expressed concerns about Joe Biden’s health following his disastrous performance at the first presidential debate.

Watch the video below.

According to Bernstein, Biden’s difficulties in speech and coherence at the debate are not isolated incidents but part of a recurring pattern observed over the last 18 months.

During a grueling 90-minute debate last week, Biden frequently lost his train of thought and struggled with logic, leading to a flood of calls from politicians and commentators for the 81-year-old to step down.

Bernstein, who has been a figure in Washington journalism for decades, told Anderson Cooper that inside sources had seen similar lapses in Biden’s mental and physical condition many times before.

“[My sources] are adamant that what we saw the other night—the Joe Biden we saw— is not a one-off,” he emphasized in his discussion with Cooper.

Further exemplifying Biden’s struggles, Bernstein shared an anecdote about a fundraiser in New York where Biden froze and needed a chair to complete his appearance.

This and other incidents have prompted serious conversations within the White House, though they have often been dismissed.

Despite these issues, Bernstein’s sources insist that Biden remains astute on critical matters like foreign policy.

At this, Bernstein added, “We’re clearly dealing with two sets of one person” and that Biden “has good days [and] bad days.”

Amid this backdrop of health concerns, recent public appearances have stirred additional speculation.

Videos showing former President Barack Obama and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni assisting Biden after events have circulated and raised questions.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded to these concerns by labeling the videos as “cheap fakes” and emphasized the personal bond between Obama and Biden, describing them as family.

Despite the swirling rumors and the challenging debate performance, Biden has not indicated that he plans to withdraw from the presidential race as he continues his campaign activities.

The next presidential debate, hosted by ABC News, is scheduled for Tuesday, September 10.

It remains to be seen how Biden will manage the forthcoming challenge as the political and public scrutiny intensifies.

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