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( – Asking the highest court in the land to step in and effectively deal a death blow to the Republican candidate’s electoral hopes, Special Counsel Jack Smith challenged the Supreme Court to dismiss former President Donald Trump’s immunity allegations.

Smith’s plea affects a case concerning alleged interference in the 2020 election, a matter he brought forward in a detailed 66-page submission.

He says that the “bedrock principle of our constitutional order” means the law applies to everyone equally, including those who have served as President.

Smith’s document rejects Trump’s “novel and sweeping” immunity plea and emphasizes that the President’s role in ensuring that laws are enforced does not mean it is a license to breach them.

He countered Trump’s defense, saying, “The Framers never endorsed criminal immunity for a former President, and all Presidents from the Founding to the modern era have known that after leaving office they faced potential criminal liability for official acts.”

Reflecting on historical precedents, Smith pointed out there is no precedent supporting criminal immunity for former Presidents.

He used President Nixon as an example from when he accepted a pardon after Watergate, which Smith claims clearly acknowledged that the former President was vulnerable to prosecution.

Trump has said that “unless a criminal statute expressly names the President, the statute does not apply,” which Smith labeled as “extreme.”

Smith then warned that doing as Trump wanted could exempt Presidents from a wide array of criminal laws and serious offenses like bribery and treason.

The Supreme Court is set to deliberate on Trump’s immunity claim in late April after a federal appeals court unanimously dismissed Trump’s argument in February to affirm that a former President could be held accountable for criminal acts that might undermine executive branch checks and balances.

Trump faces multiple felony charges, including conspiracy to defraud the United States and obstruction of an official proceeding tied to his alleged efforts to contest the 2020 election.

Smith has accused Trump of spreading deliberate lies about the election outcome in an attempt to remain in office. The Supreme Court’s decision could potentially determine the fate of the federal charges against Trump.

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