Trump Slams ‘Human Scum’

( – On Memorial Day, former President Donald Trump extended a greeting via his Truth Social platform not just to his supporters but also to the “Human Scum” plaguing America.

He stated:

“Happy Memorial Day to All, including the Human Scum that is working so hard to destroy our Once Great Country, & to the Radical Left, Trump Hating Federal Judge in New York that presided over, get this, TWO separate trials, that awarded a woman, who I never met before (a quick handshake at a celebrity event, 25 years ago, doesn’t count!), 91 MILLION DOLLARS for “DEFAMATION.””

“She didn’t know when the so-called event took place – sometime in the 1990’s – never filed a police report, didn’t have to produce the “dress” that she threatened me with (it showed negative!), & sung my praises in the first half of her CNN Interview with Alison Cooper, but changed her tune in the second half – Gee, I wonder why (UNDER APPEAL!)?”

“The Rape charge was dropped by a jury! Or Arthur Engoron, the N.Y. State Wacko Judge who fined me almost 500 Million Dollars (UNDER APPEAL) for DOING NOTHING WRONG, used a Statute that has never been used before, gave me NO JURY, Mar-a-Lago at $18,000,000 – Now for Merchan!”

In addition to this message, Trump posted an image of himself at what seems to be the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

This Memorial Day was also marked by a post from Trump’s son Eric, who shared a photo of the Trump family on X with the caption, “the family that gave up everything to save America,” to which he also responded, “And we will do it again!”

Eric’s post drew criticism for its timing on a day meant to honor America’s fallen service members.

Former U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger, a vocal critic of Trump, responded sharply: “Your family has sacrificed nothing, your name will become synonymous with ‘Benedict Arnold’ and how dare you tweet this, THIS weekend. You don’t know the first thing about service, you child.”

Political commentator Bill Kristol slammed Erick, saying it was “particularly disgusting to post this on Memorial Day weekend.”

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