Trump: ‘Keep Your Filthy Hands off Trump Tower!’

( – Following a ridiculous punishment in the Democratic witch hunt targeting his businesses, former President Donald Trump had to reach out to the Republican base to ask for financial contributions.

Trump faces a critical deadline to settle a $454 million bond in a civil fraud lawsuit in New York.

A communication from a joint fundraising entity to split proceeds between Trump’s campaign and another political committee covering his legal expenses starkly stated: “KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF OF TRUMP TOWER!”

The legal confrontation was initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James in 2022, a Democrat spearheading one of the several partisan legal challenges Trump faces as he gears up for another presidential bid.

Trump implored supporters to contribute with suggested donations ranging from $20.24 to over $3,300 to oppose what Trump revealed is a joint effort by Joe Biden and Democrats to orchestrate a “witch hunt” to ruin his political comeback.

Trump’s plea called for the mobilization of “ONE MILLION Pro-Trump patriots to chip in and say: STOP THE WITCH HUNT AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP!”

While Biden has distanced himself from these legal proceedings against Trump, the fundraising appeal itself stops short of specifying that the collected funds would directly finance the legal defense in James’ case.

Moreover, whether these campaign contributions could legally be allocated towards satisfying the judgment remains a legal grey area, given federal prohibitions against using campaign funds for personal liabilities.

Despite these constraints Trump has previously navigated these legal stipulations by labeling some of his legal defenses as campaign-related, therefore using donor funds to cover attorney fees.

Trump’s legal representatives told a New York appellate court that 30 surety companies shot down attempts to secure a bond covering the vast judgment, which puts Trump closer to potentially losing his assets.

The almost half-a-million-dollar sum is critical to keep his properties from being seized as he seeks to appeal the court’s decision, which found him guilty of inflating asset values to allegedly mislead lenders and insurers.

This plea for financial aid comes after Trump’s legal team was able to successfully secure a $91.6 million bond to cover a separate $83.3 million defamation judgment against writer E. Jean Carroll, which is currently under appeal.

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