Trump Gets Great News

Donald Trump

( – Showcasing his might against his sole remaining opponent in the GOP primary, former President Donald Trump is seen way ahead of Nikki Haley in the race for the Republican nomination for president.

The newest numbers from the late-January Washington Post-Monmouth University poll, which surveyed 815 potential GOP primary voters, show Trump leading Haley by a whopping 26 points. A hefty 58% of potential Republican voters back him while Haley has 32% in her corner.

The survey ultimately confirms that Trump and Haley’s figures have gone up since back in September when they had 46% and 18% respectively. Big names like Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Vice-President Mike Pence have bowed out of the race since then.

In turn things are not looking too bright for Haley. The former South Carolina governor’s popularity has taken a blow, going from 59% down to 45% since September. The difference is bigger among “strong” Republicans, with her favorable rating tumbling down from 65% to just 38%.

On the flip side Trump is looking pretty good in the eyes of many, with 66% of folks surveyed saying they got a good opinion of him, which is a bump up from 60% a few months ago. His popularity has shot up to 84% among “strong” Republicans.

Haley’s chances of snagging the GOP nomination seem slimmer than ever after trailing Trump by eleven points in New Hampshire. She is banking on her South Carolina roots to help win over enough voters by the February 24 Republican primary to stay in the running.

In this vein Strategist Dave Wilson discussed Haley’s knack for comebacks like her gubernatorial victory in 2010 when she leaped from fifth to second place in just five weeks, which led to a runoff election win. “In South Carolina politics, four weeks is a lifetime,” he noted.

Even if Trump faces conviction in any of the criminal cases against him post-nomination, 60% say he should still be the nominee. If he were convicted but remained the nominee, 62% would still back him, with 82% of his 2020 supporters saying they would vote for him again.

According to this poll 57% of potential GOP voters in South Carolina believe the 2020 election was fraudulent, with 85% of those backing Trump. Meanwhile Haley has the support of 70% of voters who think Biden’s win was legit.