Trump Breaks From GOP on THIS Key Issue?

Donald Trump

( – Seeking to twist his words and capitalize on them for political clout, critics of former President Donald Trump said he recently broke from the GOP over one key issue.

Trump’s opponents claim that his recent criticism of Israel’s military actions in Gaza marks a visible difference of opinion from the usual Republican stance regarding Israel’s right to defend itself.

His remarks have stirred up conversations among his allies who downplayed their significance. However, they stated that Trump’s strong support for Israel would continue if he wins a second term as President this fall.

Trump’s recent comments shed light on his own stances on several significant national security matters that he might encounter when if retakes the White House.

In a conversation with Israeli reporters and later with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Trump stated “Israel is absolutely losing the PR war” and blasted how the damage in Gaza has been showcased across global media.

“Israel has to get better with the promotional and with the public relations because right now they’re in ruin,” Trump said. “They’re being hurt very badly, I think, in a public relations sense.”

He then asserted Israel needed to achieve a swift resolution and questioned Israel’s current efforts to achieve victory.

Trump has had a complex relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He once sharply slammed him after Netanyahu acknowledged Joe Biden’s certification.

Trump also criticized that Netanyahu was not prepared for the Hamas attack on October 7 and his betrayal over a planned U.S. strike on an Iranian general.

However, a former senior official from Trump’s administration said that Trump’s latest remarks do not mark a shift from his first-term policies, which largely endorsed Netanyahu’s agenda.

Additionally, Sam Markstein from the Republican Jewish Coalition stated that the reaction to Trump’s criticism was out of proportion and added that Trump’s comments advocate for Israel’s right to defeat Hamas.

“I think the Trump comments, the bottom line was, ‘How could Jewish Democrats not be more outraged about what’s going on with their silence, with their votes?’ and that, I think was the top line,” he added. “‘How could they not be more outraged about what’s going on?’ He said it in his Trumpian way, but I think that’s the top line.”

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