Trump Attacks Nikki

Donald Trump

( – In a strategic maneuver in the run-up to the 2024 GOP presidential primaries, former President Donald Trump is making significant ad buys in New Hampshire to counter the rising support for his primary rival, Nikki Haley.

Trump’s campaign focuses on questioning Haley’s stance on Social Security, an issue that resonates deeply with American voters, particularly those concerned about their retirement security.

A recent ad aired by Trump’s campaign on MSNBC, a network known for its liberal viewership, emphasizes Trump’s commitment to protecting Social Security, contrasting it with Haley’s proposed changes.

The ad says that “Haley’s plan cuts Social Security benefits for 82% of Americans,” but “Trump will never let that happen.” The strategic choice to target a more liberal audience underscores Trump’s efforts to appeal to a broader range of voters beyond his traditional base.

The ad features a clip of Haley discussing entitlement reform, where she suggests an increase in the retirement age, reflecting longer life expectancies. Haley’s full statement is aimed at younger workers in their 20s and proposes preparing them for a different retirement reality.

Nachama Soloveichik, Haley’s communications director, downplayed the attacks, as he asserted that the ads reflect Trump’s fear of Haley’s rising campaign, framing the contest as a two-person race between her conservative vision and Trump’s focus on past controversies.

Interestingly, Haley has not directly targeted Trump in her campaign ads, maintaining a delicate balance between criticizing the former president without alienating his staunch supporter base.

However, the super PAC supporting Haley, Stand for America Fund, has been more direct in its criticisms, releasing an ad titled “Tantrum,” which accuses Trump of lies, chaos, and drama.

In New Hampshire’s primary context, these ad campaigns are critical in this key early contest in the Republican nominating process. Haley is gaining traction and even coming within single digits of Trump in recent polls, which could significantly impact the race following former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s exit from the race.

Trump’s ad strategy in New Hampshire, targeting Haley’s policy proposals and projecting his strength on key issues, underscores the high stakes and the competitive nature of the 2024 Republican primary race.