This Program Has 100% Job Placement

( – Highlighting that it is not necessary to incur massive debt in an elitist university to be successful, Clemson University’s Construction Science and Management (CSM) degree boasts an impressive 100% job placement rate for its recent graduates.

This achievement sets a clear contrast to the challenging job market many college graduates face, where about half of them are employed in roles not even requiring a bachelor’s degree.

This program’s success can be traced to several key strategies, including practical learning and internship experiences, according to the university’s faculty and industry partners.

“There are 90 to 100 graduates each year,” Nieri Department of Construction, Development, and Planning chair Mike Jackson highlighted during an interview.

He discussed the program’s deep ties with the construction industry, which are made possible due to regular career fairs hosting 80-100 companies interested in interviewing students.

A standout feature of Clemson’s CSM program is that students are required to complete 800 hours of internship, which translates to two summer’s worth of industry exposure. This requirement ensures that students graduate with significant real-world experience.

“We have a J. Davis Bootcamp that we strive to get them through to allow them to be introduced to every phase of the construction process,” said Joel Davis, president of J. Davis Construction and a member of the program’s advisory board.

Jackson further highlighted the program’s close industry connections, with an advisory board including construction industry professionals who offer mentorship and guidance to ensure the curriculum aligns with current industry demands.

The appeal of the CSM program extends beyond its job placement success: advancements in technology and competitive salaries have made careers in construction increasingly attractive.

Paul Mashburn, CEO of Mashburn Construction Company and advisory board member, noted, “A degree in CSM is a very specialized path that prepares students for the real world of contracting.”

“Salaries are on the rise as well so you can make a good living being a contractor and you are doing work that is very gratifying,” he added.

“I would say that less than half [of CSM students] stay in Clemson and the surrounding areas. Contractors from all over the southeast are vying for these candidates and some are enticed to go to places that they never imagined working,” Mashburn concluded.

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