This Is Why College Is So Expensive!?

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( – In a bombshell revelation showing where student tuition money goes, Yale University currently has a ratio of more than three administrative and support personnel for every four undergraduates.

As revealed by a College Fix investigation, this essentially means that there is nearly one staff member per student.

In a span of roughly a decade, Yale increased its workforce with an additional 631 administrative and support staff, as indicated by data submitted to the federal Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System.

This surge in personnel amounts to a 13% rise from 4,942 to 5,573 between the 2013-14 and 2021-22 academic years and is partially attributed to Yale’s initiatives to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the institution.

During this time period, the undergraduate population witnessed a 20% increase from 5,424 to 6,532 students. Conversely, the ratio of educators to students experienced a decrease of approximately 6% from 403 to 379 instructors per 1,000 students.

Following a commitment to a $135 million diversity initiative in 2020, Yale continued to expand DEI efforts across its schools in 2022, including the introduction of key positions such as a chief diversity officer at the Yale Child Study Center and a director of sustainable equity and inclusion at the Yale School of Art among others.

Yale’s dedication to DEI is reflected in positions like vice chairs for DEI and an array of directors and officers specializing in diversity and inclusion efforts within its medical school’s Diversity Advisory Council and other departments.

Commenting on Yale’s DEI hiring spree, conservative scholar Heather Mac Donald criticized the focus on diversifying faculty as a misallocation of resources that exacerbates tuition costs without addressing the root issues of minority representation in academia.

She further noted that while DEI officials play a role in enforcing ideological conformity, other university actors including faculty and students also contribute to the predominant left-wing campus orthodoxies.

Mac Donald emphasized that a university’s core mission should be the transmission of cultural heritage and the advancement of knowledge through open, evidence-based inquiry rather than combating perceived social injustices.

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