They’re Running Out of Ammo?!

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( – In alarming news concerning a top U.S. ally, the Ukrainian military is facing a critical problem hindering its military efforts against Russia in their ongoing war.

Specifically, Celeste Wallander, the Defense Department official responsible for international security affairs, explained that Ukrainian forces are struggling with a shortage of ammunition. This is allowing Moscow to test the weaknesses in Kyiv’s defenses.

This problem has arisen partly because U.S. military aid to Ukraine stopped in December after Congress failed to pass an emergency funding request for Ukraine.

Joe Biden had asked for nearly $61.5 billion in October to support Ukraine with weapons and to replenish U.S. stocks. This funding was meant to continue the flow of assistance as the Department of Defense (DOD) neared the end of previously allocated funds by Congress.

However, Congress is deadlocked over new security policies for the southern border, meaning the U.S. cannot provide the same level of lethal assistance to Kyiv as in the past two years. This happens at a time when the Ukrainian military’s funds are already depleted.

The last significant U.S. weapons package to Ukraine was announced on December 27 and included $250 million in military equipment. However, the inconsistency in aid has reportedly affected Ukraine’s military planning and operations in recent months.

Ukraine’s needs extend beyond ammunition: the country also requires artillery shells and interceptors to defend against Russian drones and missiles. Russia has noticed the gap in Ukraine’s resources and has intensified its missile and drone attacks.

Wallander mentioned that Russia’s strategy aims to overwhelm Ukrainian defenses and deplete their limited ammunition and air defenses. Ukraine has managed to withstand this tactic so far due to its military experience.

A recent U.S.-led Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting failed to provide new assistance announcements due to the pending funding request in Congress.

The lack of funding has led to a “pause” in sending additional weapons from U.S. inventories. This has impacted Ukraine’s urgent battlefield needs and prevented the U.S. from supporting Ukraine’s medium- and long-term requirements.