They Want Biden to Stay Away!

Joe Biden

( – Seeing their chances slipping further away due to the damage the Biden administration has caused to America, a bunch of Democrats running in tight senatorial races are keeping Joe Biden at arm’s length to avoid a negative spotlight.

Despite aligning themselves with him in 2023, these Democrats’ strategy is to avoid mentioning Biden on social media in an effort to win over voters in both red and purple states. Although they have not committed to back Biden for another term their voting records show they were mostly on board with his ideas last year.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Senators like Jon Tester from Montana, Sherrod Brown from Ohio, Bob Casey from Pennsylvania, Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin, and Jacky Rosen from Nevada supported Biden 94.6% to 99.3% of the time in 2023.

Other Democrats like Rep. Ruben Gallego from Arizona lined up with Biden 97.9% of the time in his attempt to unseat independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema. Democratic Elissa Slotkin, who is challenging Senator Debbie Stabenow’s Michigan seat, showed her support about 88.9% of the time.

Tester, Brown, Casey, Baldwin, Rosen, Gallego and Slotkin also painted Biden in a negative light a few times on social media by criticizing him or just calling for action from his team.

From time to time they would shout out some of Biden’s perceived wins and how those helped their states, but when they were asked directly if they were rooting for Biden in the next election their campaigns remained silent.

With Biden’s popularity being so low especially on major issues like the economy and immigration, some people who previously voted for him are now giving him the side-eye.

Tester even questioned the stats showing his support for Biden after seeing himself in a rough spot in a state Trump won by big margins. He pointed to a different way of counting votes that makes his support of Biden seem less.

Gallego leads the charge for the Democrats in Arizona. He kept it vague about backing Biden for another term but mentioned he would stick with the Democratic nominee, who he expects will be Biden.

In turn Brown is running again in Republican-leaning Ohio and faces some stiff competition. Slotkin in Michigan is worried about being on the same ticket as Biden since she is facing a tough battle in a state where Trump currently surpasses Biden in polls. Casey, Baldwin, and Rosen are also up for re-election in states with their own challenges and dynamics.