Texas Still Blocked

(StraightShooterNews.com) – In quick confirmation that appellate judges are doing Joe Biden’s bidding, a group of judges from the federal appeals court decided to keep Texas from implementing a law to deter illegal migration while they evaluate if it adheres to legal standards.

In a decision split 2-1, this panel from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals chose not to lift a lower court’s finding that deemed SB4 unconstitutional due to conflicts with federal immigration legislation.

As a result, Texas remains restricted from putting SB4 into action to penalize unlawful immigration at the state level while it awaits further judicial review. The 5th Circuit is set to deliberate on SB4’s legality and constitutional basis in an upcoming hearing.

Championed by the Texas legislature last session, SB4 proposes state-level criminal charges for individuals entering or re-entering Texas from Mexico without official sanction, which duplicates existing federal prohibitions.

The law would empower state and local law enforcement to detain, incarcerate and prosecute individuals suspected of breaching these newly established state laws. Furthermore, it includes provisions that allow state judges to order migrants to return to Mexico instead of undergoing prosecution.

Governor Greg Abbott and other Texas officials have defended SB4 as a critical measure to stop illegal immigration and criticized the Biden administration for refusing to address the migrant crisis.

Abbott’s thorough state border strategy includes transporting migrants to major urban centers that work as sanctuary cities, reinforcing border areas with physical deterrents and deploying National Guard forces.

However, SB4 has attracted strong opposition from those advocating for migrants’ rights, the Biden administration and the Mexican government, which has labeled the Texas statute as discriminatory and refused to accept individuals sent back by the state.

The Biden administration’s legal challenge to SB4 argues that the law threatens U.S.-Mexico diplomatic relations, overlooks American asylum regulations and breaches the federal government’s historical dominion over immigration enforcement.

Two judges from the 5th Circuit panel underscored these concerns in their majority opinion by referencing longstanding Supreme Court decisions that affirm the exclusive federal jurisdiction over immigration matters.

In turn, SB4 attempts to sidestep the federal government’s inaction by establishing independent state offenses related to the illegal entry and removal of aliens.

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