Texas Gov’s Message to Sanctuary Cities

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Stepping up the fight against the Biden administration’s open border policies that are destroying our country, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott committed to keep sending illegals out of Texas and into liberal sanctuaries “until we get a new president.”

During his speech at the New York Republican Party’s annual gala in Manhattan, Abbott explained the reasons why he started his landmark busing program.

Although the governor said it was not planned, the program ended up sending over 40,000 illegals to New York City, a decision prompted by local feedback and federal inaction concerning aliens at the border.

Abbott said the original intent behind the busing program was to direct illegals solely to Washington, D.C., to bring both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s attention to the border to witness what they caused firsthand.

Abbott’s rationale was, “if they’re not going to come to the border, we’re going to take the border to them.”

The expansion of the busing initiative to include New York City came as a reaction to criticisms from New York Mayor Eric Adams.

Despite Abbott’s efforts to explain that Texas was not actually directing migrants to New York, he said “If I’m going to get the criticism, I want to get the credit. And thus began the busing of illegal immigrants to the sanctuary city of New York City.”

Abbott’s move and the busing of over 107,000 illegals since April 2022 signals a defiant stance against federal inaction on border security.

His vow to continue busing aliens out of Texas underscores a call for leadership change to a president who will fortify the U.S. borders.

Amid speculation of a potential vice-presidential candidacy alongside former President Donald Trump for the 2024 elections, Abbott has sidestepped such discussions, focusing instead on blasting the Biden administration’s border policies.

He argued that there had been border chaos and heightened risks since Biden dismantled Trump’s immigration controls, making Texas the frontline of these policy failures.

“All time records have been set with regard to the number of people on the terrorist watch lists, who’ve been apprehended” at the border, Abbott stated.

He challenged Biden’s claims that Congress needed to act to secure the border, saying, “The executive branch has not only the authority but the requirement, the mandate by Congress, to deny illegal entry into the United States. Biden is not doing that.”

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