Supreme Court Enters THIS Border Case

Red lights

( – Highlighting the left’s insistence on enforcing an open border policy allowing illegal aliens into America, the Biden administration has urgently requested the Supreme Court authorization to dismantle sections of the razor-wire fence Texas has constructed along its border with Mexico.

The request comes in the wake of a federal appeals court directive ordering the Department of Homeland Security to cease cutting the fence except in genuine medical emergencies.

The Justice Department claims that the appeals court’s decision may delay responses to real emergencies and hinder the discretion of Border Patrol agents in determining their patrol strategies along the border.

U.S. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar emphasized the federal government’s supremacy in border management, writing, “Under the Supremacy Clause, state law cannot be applied to restrain those federal agents from carrying out their federally authorized activities.”

Texas has installed 110 miles of concertina wire on both state and private lands adjacent to the Rio Grande, aiming to limit illegal border crossings.

However, Homeland Security argues that the wire poses a danger to migrants stranded in the river and prevents the creation of entry points for illegal immigrants at locations preferred by federal agents. Border Patrol agents began cutting through the wire in response, prompting Texas to initiate legal action.

The initial ruling by a district court upheld the federal government’s sovereign immunity, denying Texas’s request for an injunction. However, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals later overturned this decision, siding with Texas and imposing an injunction that restricts Homeland Security’s wire-cutting activities to emergencies only as the legal proceedings continue.

District Judge Alia Moses noted numerous instances of wire-cutting by federal agents, often without any emergency context. One particular incident she highlighted involved agents cutting new openings in the wire near an existing gap and providing assistance to illegal immigrants crossing the Rio Grande without any attempt to intervene or supervise their entry into U.S. territory.

The razor wire is a component of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star, designed to address deficiencies in border security under Biden’s administration. This initiative includes installing razor wire, constructing a state-funded border wall, deploying state police for border arrests, and transporting illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities in other states.