Superstar’s Stalker Behind Bars

( – In dramatic news highlighting the extent of people’s obsession with their idols, a 33-year-old law student has been making headlines in Seattle for the wrong reasons.

David Crowe, a student at Seattle University Law School, has been caught hanging around Taylor Swift’s home in Manhattan a total of 30 times in just two months.

In a recent ruling, a judge decided Crowe needed to be kept in jail after ignoring a previous warning to stay away from Swift’s place. Crowe did not take the news well when Judge Marisol Martinez Alonso told him he was going to Rikers Island.

Crowe seemed shocked by the decision and mentioned something about his “survival.” His lawyer, Katherine Bajuk, suggested that Crowe should have a mental health evaluation to see if he is fit for trial. The court scheduled this evaluation for February 7.

This situation started when prosecutors said Crowe had been spotted near Swift’s apartment many times over the last two months. Initially, he was arrested but released due to a lack of a formal complaint or evidence. However, he was arrested again after being seen outside Swift’s home, leading to charges of stalking and harassment.

This happened right after his third arrest near Swift’s home in less than a week. Just the day before, Crowe had been arrested but was released without bail. However, shortly after his release, he was caught on camera looking through a trash bin near Swift’s home.

The seriousness of Crowe’s actions was highlighted by the fact that he also faces charges for not following a court order. The building’s custodian had repeatedly told him to stay away from Swift’s property, but Crowe refused to listen.

Neighbors have been feeling uneasy about Crowe’s presence. One neighbor expressed their fear upon seeing him near Swift’s home again, hoping he would receive the necessary help but also wishing for him to stay away from their community.