She Wanted to Die?!

( – WNBA star Brittney Griner shared that she thought about killing herself during her first weeks in a Russian jail after she was arrested on drug-related charges in 2022.

Griner discussed her shocking experience for the first time in public in an hourlong ABC interview broadcast.

The interviеw aired just before the release of her memoir titled “Coming Home,” scheduled for May 7.

Authoritiеs arrested Griner at a Moscow airport after claiming to find vape cartridges containing cannabis oil in her luggage.

Griner revealed to interviewer Robin Roberts, “I wanted to take my life more than once in the first weeks. I felt like leaving here so badly.”

However, shе decided not to take her life partly because she feared Russian officials might not allow her body to be returned to her family.

Griner’s arrеst, which coincided with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, escalated tensions between Russia and the United States.

Her releasе came about through a high-profile prisoner exchange for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.

Griner also revealed that she was forced into writing a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a condition of her release.

“They made me write this letter. It was in Russian,” she explained. “I had to ask for forgiveness and thanks from their so-called great leader. I didn’t want to do it, but at the same time I wanted to come home.”

She said she was disappointed after realizing that Paul Whelan, another detained American, was not included in the swap that secured her freedom.

“I walked on and didn’t see him, maybe he’s next. Maybe they will bring him next,” she recounted. “They closed the door and I was like, are you serious? You’re not going to let this man come home now.”

Griner plays for the Phoenix Mercury, and the WNBA season will start on May 14.

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