Sen. Mike Lee: ‘Disqualifying Betrayal’

( – In the face of a frail Senate deal that did not get enough concessions from Democrats to secure a border they weakened, Republican Senator Mike Lee (UT) called out top Senate Republicans for a major letdown on immigration policy.

Lee revealed he is quite upset with Republican leadership including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) for a historic giveaway on border control that was filled with secrecy and false promises. Lee is so frustrated that he is calling for McConnell’s ouster from his leadership position.

Lee vented on X and criticized how McConnell and the negotiating team kept details of the immigration bill they were working on secret. He said they kept insisting it was a good deal without showing any proof for months. “This is a disqualifying betrayal,” Lee stated bluntly.

Lee did not call out McConnell directly all the time but hinted that McConnell might not have the best interests of the Republican party at heart.

McConnell had Senator James Lankford from Oklahoma be the face of the Republican side of the negotiations but Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer revealed that he and McConnell were super tight on thie deal.

Schumer even said, “I have never worked more closely with Leader McConnell on any piece of legislation as we did on this,” which was not surprising considering their history of teaming up on other big legislative issues.

Some of McConnell’s allies tried to defend the deal against leaks and rumors while it was being discussed and Senator Mike Rounds (SD) even suggested that Russian disinformation was stirring up controversy.

Lankford had to say that it was ridiculous to believe the rumor that Republicans would allow 5,000 migrants a day under their plan. However the actual text of the bill suggested a higher threshold by creating an emergency trigger at 8,500 migrants a day or an average of 5,000 over a week.

Lee pointed out these issues on X and questioned why the bill’s authors were attacking him for sharing what he knew and wondering why they kept the details under wraps for so long.

Lee is also firmly convinced it is time to usher is new leadership for Senate Republicans especially after this debacle that got a lot of people upset. “Senate GOP leadership screwed this up—and screwed us,” he added.