Secret of Life Breakthrough!?

( – Marking a huge scientific breakthrough, a recent analysis of ancient crystal grains in Australia has refuted scientists’ long-held beliefs that Earth was entirely submerged in water four billion years ago.

According to a CNN report, the analysis actually suggests that parts of the planet may have been above water at the time.

The study was led by Hamed Gamaleldien and found that the crystals contained chemicals that could only have been formed through contact with fresh water.

This discovery is significant because it implies that dry land existed on Earth much earlier than previously thought.

“By examining the age and oxygen isotopes in tiny crystals of the mineral zircon, we found unusually light isotopic signatures as far back as four billion years ago,” Gamaleldien said in a press release.

“Such light oxygen isotopes are typically the result of hot, fresh water altering rocks several kilometres below Earth’s surface,” the author added.

Gamaleldien explained that the presence of fresh water in ancient times could only be explained by the existence of dry land.

“We have two important things here. We have discovered the earliest evidence of fresh water and representative evidence for dry land above the sea,” Gamaleldien said.

“This discovery not only sheds light on Earth’s early history but also suggests … landmasses and freshwater set the stage for life to flourish within a relatively short time frame — less than 600 million years after the planet formed,” said coauthor Hugo Olierook.

While it is unclear whether large landmasses existed during this time period, the study does indicate that there was at least some dry land above sea level.

Furthermore, the fresh water seemingly originated as rainfall, providing the necessary conditions for the emergence of life on Earth.

“The main novelty of the new paper is concluding that rainwater means the rocks were (on land) … rather than submarine,” stated University of Wisconsin-Madison geoscience professor John Valley in the press release.

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