Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Shocking Decision


( – Seeing himself lagging behind the two main parties’ nominees, Democrat-turned-Independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is on the cusp of choosing a vice presidential companion from a list of candidates in an attempt to boost his campaign.

As his campaign manager Amaryllis Fox Kennedy shared, NFL star Aaron Rodgers and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura are among the individuals considered.

The selection process has also seen Kennedy’s camp reaching out to Senator Rand Paul and ex-Representative Tulsi Gabbard, with motivational speaker Tony Robbins also rumored to have been in discussions.

However, not all those approached have shown interest in joining Kennedy’s campaign. Senator Paul has explicitly stated his support for Kennedy’s right to have a platform while clarifying he intends to remain uninvolved in the presidential race.

Initially involved in the vice-presidential vetting process, Gabbard has shifted her focus toward supporting former President Donald Trump by highlighting her presence at a fundraiser at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Kennedy’s pursuit of a running mate comes as part of his wider campaign strategy, which has generated both widespread interest and controversy among leftwing ranks due to his positions on vaccines and occasional support for Trump-related policies.

His candidacy has attracted attention from various celebrities, particularly those skeptical of vaccines, such as Rodgers, who faced backlash for his COVID-19 vaccination comments. With no political office experience, Rodgers is currently engaged with the New York Jets as their starting quarterback.

Adding to the mix of potential VP candidates is Jesse Ventura, whose political background includes a term as Minnesota’s governor after a career in wrestling. Ventura’s potential interest in a political comeback was hinted at after a rally where he introduced Kennedy.

With the campaign’s progression Kennedy faces the logistical challenge of securing a place on the ballot in several states that require the listing of a vice-presidential candidate.

The campaign has already achieved ballot access in Utah and claims to have earned enough support for inclusion in New Hampshire, Nevada and Hawaii, among others.

The American Values 2024 super PAC, which supports Kennedy’s efforts, recently announced a halt to its signature collection activities to focus on committing substantial financial support for Kennedy’s campaign, which sparked a formal complaint from the Democratic National Committee due to the nature of this assistance.

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