RFK Jr’s Huge Announcement

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Sending Democrats reeling over their likely chances of losing the race, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., recently announced that his independent campaign has been officially included on the 2024 election ballot in the key battleground state of Michigan.

Both Kennedy and his vice-presidential choice Nicole Shanahan received the endorsement of the Natural Law Party, which secured their positions on Michigan’s ballot.

Kennedy’s campaign has also achieved ballot presence in Utah and is close to securing positions in several other states including North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, South Carolina, Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa and Hawaii.

Natural Law Party Chair Doug Dern praised Kennedy’s qualifications, stating, “He’s the most qualified candidate in the modern-day history of America. We welcome Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Shanahan to the party.”

Michigan’s secretary of state office confirmed that Kennedy had indeed gained ballot access via the Natural Law Party’s nomination.

Serving as the Western Michigan regional coordinator for Kennedy’s campaign, Bill Costantino praised Kennedy’s environmental advocacy and spotlighted his commitment to revitalizing the Great Lakes region.

“Kennedy is good for Michigan,” Costantino said. “As an environmental champion for more than 40 years, Kennedy will work to restore our Great Lakes region, which holds 20% of the world’s freshwater. He will ensure a thriving fishing economy and ecosystem for commercial fishermen and individual anglers.”

In the previous election cycle, Michigan saw one of the narrowest victory margins, with Joe Biden beating former President Donald Trump by approximately 154,000 votes.

Trump had previously secured the state in 2016 and currently leads Biden by 3.2 points according to the RealClearPolitics average.

Notably, Trump’s advantage over Biden narrows when Kennedy and other third-party candidates are included in the polling averages.

Kennedy’s campaign is trying to get ballot access in all 50 states, with press secretary Stefanie Spear highlighting the thorough preparations currently in place.

“[We] have the field teams, volunteers, legal teams, paid circulators, supporters, and strategists ready to get the job done,” Spear stated. “We are exceeding all our benchmarks and will announce new states each week.”

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