RFK Jr. Takes Big Step


(StraightShooterNews.com) – Advancing his unlikely presidential ambitions in the face of next year’s election, independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has achieved a milestone in his bid for the 2024 presidential race.

Kennedy has successfully filed as a presidential candidate in Utah, the first state where he has met the requirement of gathering 1,000 signatures to appear on the ballot. This development was confirmed by Kennedy himself, accompanied by his campaign volunteers at an event in Salt Lake City.

Stefanie Spear, Kennedy’s campaign spokesperson, indicated that Utah is just the beginning, with Arizona potentially being the next state where Kennedy’s campaign will seek ballot access.

Kennedy’s case showcases the challenges independent candidates encounter in the U.S. political landscape, which the Republican and Democratic parties dominate.

Discussing these difficulties, Kennedy noted the near-impossibility of third-party candidates breaking through the political two-party system, stating, “This process is forcing us to build our army now. And we’re going to have a better army on the street and in the trenches in November 2024.”

Kennedy’s exit from the Democratic Party was surprising given his history as part of a renowned Democratic dynasty. As the son of the former senator and U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, and nephew of Democratic President John F. Kennedy, his decision marks a significant shift in his political trajectory.

Kennedy’s successful qualification in Utah raises concerns about his potential to disrupt the 2024 presidential election, possibly affecting the outcomes for the Democratic and Republican nominees. Both Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, the likely nominees for their parties, face skepticism from voters, increasing the possibility that Kennedy’s campaign could have a decisive impact.

The extent of his success in securing ballot access across various states is uncertain, as each state imposes unique requirements and challenges for non-major party candidates. Extending a helping hand, the super PAC American Values 2024 has committed up to $15 million to support Kennedy’s campaign, particularly in crucial states.

Additionally, Kennedy’s organization is currently engaged in legal action against multiple news organizations, including The Associated Press, accusing them of antitrust violations related to identifying and reporting misinformation.