RFK Jr. Out

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Despite his best efforts to position himself as an attractive third-party alternative, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will not qualify for the upcoming debate between Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Reports indicate that Kennedy was excluded due to insufficient ballot access even though his campaign claimed it successfully executed an “aggressive ballot access operation” to get him on ballots in all 50 states.

According to state election officials, Kennedy’s name does not appear on several state ballots where he claimed it would be, which leaving him short of the requirements for the CNN debate on June 27.

The campaign states that Kennedy is “officially on the ballot in nine states,” including Utah, Delaware, Michigan, Mississippi, California, South Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma and Hawaii.

It also claims to have collected enough signatures for 14 additional states, such as New Hampshire, Ohio, North Carolina, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Idaho, Tennessee, Alaska, Washington and Nevada.

However, there have only been official confirmations from state officials in Utah, Delaware, Oklahoma, Michigan and Tennessee.

CNN also recognizes California and Hawaii for Kennedy, but even with these states, he controls only 100 Electoral College votes—far from the 270 necessary to win the presidency.

Amid this shortfall, Kennedy campaign spokesperson Stefanie Spear claimed that, regardless of ballot status, Kennedy holds more potential Electoral College votes than either major party candidate at this stage since neither has been formally nominated.

Spear also criticized CNN and asserted that excluding Kennedy from the debate would breach federal regulations, as it would constitute an unfair campaign contribution.

She cited the Federal Election Commission’s stance that the term “presumptive nominee” does not align with FEC debate regulations.

Moreover, Kennedy has not met CNN’s polling criteria yet, which require at least 15% in four national polls. He has reached this level in only three polls.

With Kennedy missing the debate stage, the event will focus on the direct contest between Biden and Trump, marking the first of two planned debates.

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