Rapper Arrested WHERE? (Video)

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Rapper Sean Kingston was arrested during his performance at a U.S. Army base in California, just hours after a SWAT team raided his mansion in Florida and arrested his mother.

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Officials from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office reported that Kingston was apprehended on a Florida warrant related to fraud and theft charges at Fort Irwin, a military installation located approximately 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

The rapper was scheduled to perform there as part of the United States Army’s Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Programs.

A social media video captured the moment officers approached Kingston on Fort Irwin’s “Army Field” while he performed “Eenie Meenie.” He was later placed into a jail in San Bernardino at 5:02 p.m., interrupting his concert.

That same day, Kingston’s mother, 61-year-old Janice Turner, faced arrest at their lavish residence in Southwest Ranches, Florida, as she was charged with offenses similar to those her son faces.

The backdrop to these arrests involved allegations that Kingston defrauded a tech company, Ver Ver Entertainment LLC, which had sued him in February.

The lawsuit claimed Kingston reached out over Instagram to buy a 232-inch Colossal TV and a sound system valued at over $111,000. He allegedly promised to produce promotional videos featuring his friend Justin Bieber, which he never delivered.

The lawsuit stated, “[Kingston] made these false statements to induce Plaintiff into a 232-inch installing Colossal TV and sound system with as small a down payment as possible.”

According to the contract agreed upon in October, the singer was to make a $30,000 down payment, followed by a second payment of $47,827.16, and produce social media posts valued over $38,000. The total cost would have been about $77,827.16—nearly $33,000 less than the market price.

However, he reportedly failed to uphold his end of the deal after the system’s installation and he did not make the second payment nor produce the agreed-upon promotional content.

Robert Rosenblatt, the attorney representing Kingston and his mother, commented on the situation, saying, “we are aware of some of the allegations.” He expressed confidence in addressing these matters in court and achieving a favorable outcome for his clients.

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