Putin to Tucker: ‘You Tricked Us’

Vladimir Putin

(StraightShooterNews.com) – In a shocking revelation that could have reshaped the world as we know it, Russian President Vladimir Putin shared in an interview with Tucker Carlson that President Bill Clinton once suggested Russia could be welcomed into NATO.

This conversation seemingly occurred during Clinton’s visit to Moscow after Putin took office in 2000, when Putin inquired about Russia’s potential membership in the defense alliance following tensions during the Yugoslav war.

“At a meeting here in the Kremlin with the outgoing President Bill Clinton, right here in the next room, I said to him, I asked him: ‘Bill, do you think if Russia asked to join NATO, do you think it would happen?’ Suddenly he said, ‘You know, it’s interesting. I think so,’” Putin recounted to Carlson.

However, Putin said Clinton’s stance shifted later on. “But in the evening, when we met for dinner, he said: ‘You know, I’ve talked to my team, no, it’s not possible now.’ You can ask him. I think he will watch our interview, he’ll confirm it.”

Putin expressed disappointment over Russia being unable to join the “brotherly family of civilized nations” after the Soviet Union’s fall. He accused the US of deceit, saying, “Nothing like this happened. You tricked us.”

“We tolerated all that. We were trying to persuade them. We were saying, ‘Please don’t. We are as bourgeois now as you are. We are a market economy and there is no Communist Party power. Let’s negotiate,’” Putin said, highlighting Russia’s efforts to align with Western norms.

Putin also mentioned that Boris Yeltin’s address to the US Congress was a plea for inclusion.

The relationship between Russia and the West further deteriorated following NATO’s bombing of Belgrade, which Putin saw as a betrayal especially after Russia expressed support for the Serbians.

Reflecting on what could have been, Putin said that if Clinton had said yes, “the process of rapprochement would have commenced and eventually it might have happened if we had seen some sincere wish on the side of our partners.”

During the interview Carlson also brought up Elon Musk and his company Neuralink’s recent achievement of implanting an AI chip into a human subject. Putin remarked on Musk’s unstoppable nature and stressed the importance of finding common ground with him while acknowledging Musk’s intelligence and the need for regulations in such innovative technology.