Protesters Disrupt Congressional Game (Video)

( – In an attempt to force their extreme agenda on every American, eight climate activists were arrested during the Congressional Baseball Game after they stormed the field.

Watch the video below.

Identifying as Climate Defiance, the group is a “youth-led” organization that made clear its intentions to disrupt the event in advance.

The 8 individuals were protesting against fossil fuels, sporting shirts with the message “END FOSSIL FUELS” as they jumped onto the field during the second inning.

The U.S. Capitol Police were prepared and quickly arrested the protesters since they knew in advance that there could be potential demonstrations.

The authorities charged the activists with federal charges, including Interference with a Member of the U.S. Capitol Police.

According to a statement from Capitol Police, “Before the charity game, we were aware that some people planned to possibly protest.”

“This was discussed during our planning meetings and put in our comprehensive action plan to ensure we had plenty of resources to swiftly respond,” said the police to showcase their readiness for such incidents.

The protest was met with chants of “USA” from spectators, which overpowered the protesters’ messages.

Additionally, the game also saw demonstrations from pro-Palestinian protesters who voiced their opposition to U.S. support for Israel amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

This group began their protest during the colors presentation and the national anthem, which also triggered a robust response of “USA” chants, particularly from the Republican fan section, that spread across the stadium.

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