Obama, Clinton Joining Biden

(StraightShooterNews.com) – Knowing he alone is not enough to entice his base following reports of his abysmal polling rates in key battleground states, Joe Biden has had to call for reinforcements after he set his sights on Democratic bastion New York for a two-day stint for campaign activities and fundraising efforts.

Biden is expected to share the stage at a fundraising gala in Manhattan with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at the iconic Radio City Music Hall in an attempt to boost Biden’s lagging standing against his rival, former President Donald Trump.

This event marks the beginning of joint efforts by 62-year-old Obama, who stepped down seven years ago, and 77-year-old Clinton, who ended his presidential tenure over two decades ago, to increase support for Biden’s re-election campaign against Trump this fall.

Particularly, Obama has voiced serious concerns about the high chances of Biden’s defeat to Trump and has been actively consulting with senior White House personnel to plan strategies and extend advice. Obama’s influence was previously noted during the 2020 primaries, during which he managed to make Biden the Democratic nominee.

Both Obama and Clinton had rallied for Biden during the 2020 election by delivering keynote speeches at the Democratic National Convention, have continued to speak in Biden’s ear for the past four years and celebrated what they termed as policy triumphs together.

Although focusing on other commitments during her talk at the New York Public Library, Hillary Clinton also could not sidestep questions about Trump and the upcoming election.

She emphatically ordered voters to make sure Trump “is never president ever again” and replied to a question on Trump’s felony indictments with a smile.

Both Democratic former presidents are pausing their retirements in an attempt to inject momentum into Biden’s failing campaign. This assembly of three Democratic figures is expected to rake in over $25 million and set a new benchmark for political fundraising in the U.S. as per the Biden campaign.

However, this gathering is also expected to accidentally spotlight Biden’s evident electoral fragility following damaging reports on his diminished mental health, an issue his campaign has been trying to address.

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