NOW: Police Rescue 7 Hostages

Red lights

( – In a tense situation highlighting the actions of heroic police members, Turkish cops freed seven employees that a gunman supporting Palestine held hostage at a Procter & Gamble facility.

The dramatic moment unfolded near Istambul and the local governor, Seddar Yavuz, reported that officials managed to take the man into custody before he could harm any of the hostages.

The incident comes at a time of increasing tension and public demonstrations in Turkey against Israel and its allies due to the ongoing war in Gaza.

According to Yavuz, the captor’s goals were to put the spotlight on the Israel-Gaza conflict and demand that the Rafa gate in Egypt be opened so Palestinians could receive humanitarian aid.

While the hostage situation was developing Turkish media outlets shared a photo of a man who was armed and wearing what looked like a homemade bomb vest inside the factory.

The incident took place in Gebze, a town within the Kocaeli province. News media DHA reported that the armed individual went into the P&G building, possibly with accomplices, and took seven workers hostage. The outlet also added that the men declared their protest was against killings in Gaza and emphasized the significant death toll reported by Hamas in the region.

P&G is a major employer in the area with 700 staff across three locations and produces well-known household items.

In a striking image of the traumatic episode, one man can be seen standing and wearing a traditional Arabic headscarf before a wall that had the Turkish and Palestinian flags spray-painted. Above the makeshift mural there was a slogan suggesting a fight to the death for Gaza.

In an unexpected moment of humanity, the hostage-takers allowed the staff to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. The moment was shared by the news and showed employees with a birthday cake.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has previously criticized Israel’s actions by comparing Israel’s prime minister to Hitler. In turn the U.S. has issued a warning to Americans in Turkey about possible anti-American sentiment and protests.