NOW: Hostages Rescued

( – In a bombshell operation underscoring the high stakes of the current conflict, U.S. ally Israel successfully rescued two Israeli-Argentinian men held in Gaza.

Specifically, the Israeli military freed 60-year-old Fernando Simon Marman and 70-year-old Louis Har from Hamas captivity in an overnight operation more than four months after their abduction during Hamas’s invasion of Israel on October 7th.

The rescue mission targeted a residential building in Rafah, resulting in the death of at least seven individuals. Marman and Har are brothers-in-law and were among those kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak and taken to Gaza at the start of the conflict. Thankfully both men were found in good health following their release.

Lt. Col. Richard Hecht provided details on the operation and mentioned that it was based on accurate intelligence and meticulous planning, with the building housing the hostages under surveillance for some time. The operation’s complexity required precise timing to ensure success.

During the rescue, the Israeli forces breached the building with explosives amid heavy gunfire and conducted airstrikes while Israeli planes, tanks and ships participated in the broader operation. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was present with military chiefs and other officials during the rescue.

Har’s daughters had been advocating for the hostages’ release while staying in the U.S. and expressed immense relief and joy upon hearing the news of their father’s rescue. The emotional toll on both men’s families during the four-month ordeal was described as a “living hell.”

The October 7th attack by Hamas led to the kidnapping of about 250 Israelis and the murder of about 1,200 people. Although more than 100 hostages were released during a cease-fire in November it is estimated that about 100 hostages remain in Gaza alongside the remains of approximately 30 others.

Coversely Hamas health officials in the territory have alleged that Israel’s military actions in Gaza have resulted in 28,000 Palestinian casualties.