NFL Owner Overdosed; Revived?!

( – In a distressing life-threatening incident at his home in Carmel, Indiana, it has been revealed that Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay was found unresponsive, exhibiting difficulty breathing, and displaying symptoms consistent with an overdose.

As reported by TMZ, police documents disclosed that the emergency unfolded in early December when police were summoned to Irsay’s residence.

The initial call to the police came from an individual who discovered Irsay unconscious on his bathroom floor, his skin having turned blue. By the time authorities arrived, Irsay had been moved to his bed but was still in a critical state, struggling to breathe, with a weak pulse and constricted pupils.

Efforts to revive Irsay using a sternum rub were unsuccessful. He showed only slight responsiveness after receiving a dose of Narcan, a medication commonly used to counteract the effects of opiate overdoses. Paramedics subsequently arrived to administer life-saving measures before transporting Irsay to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

Police noted that a caretaker provided them with information about the medications Irsay was taking. The exact substances Irsay ingested before their arrival remained unclear at the time of the report.

This incident occurred approximately one month before the Colts issued a statement indicating that Irsay was undergoing treatment for a “severe respiratory illness” that prevented him from attending a scheduled performance with his band.

An ESPN reporter covering the Colts noted that Irsay, a prominent NFL owner, had been absent from the public eye for several weeks before this announcement.

The Colts’ statement emphasized Irsay’s ongoing recovery and the expectation of his return to the stage. It also requested respect for Irsay and his family’s privacy during his convalescence.

In a candid conversation with Andrea Kramer in November, Irsay opened up about his struggles with addiction. He revealed that he had been to rehab numerous times and recounted a particularly harrowing experience where he overdosed while trying to detox, leading to a near-fatal combination of drugs.

Recalling the incident during an episode of “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” Irsay shared, “The doctor goes, ‘Um, Jim, you’re one lucky man because I had signed virtually the death certificate.’”