Newt BURIES Biden – No Way OUT!

( – Confronted with the stark reality Americans face daily, former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich shared his skepticism about Joe Biden’s failing campaign strategy.

On Fox News’ “Hannity,” Gingrich argued that no amount of campaign advertising could shield Biden from the voters’ daily economic struggles.

During the discussion, Gingrich told host Sean Hannity that regardless of Biden’s performance in the upcoming debate with former President Donald Trump, issues like inflation, housing affordability and job availability continue to overshadow his campaign efforts.

Gingrich began saying, “I don’t know that it’ll be close. First of, all as I pointed out on your radio show earlier, when the debate’s done next week, whether Biden does well or Biden does badly, the following day people go to the grocery store and his support collapses again.”

“I don’t care how many million dollars Biden raises, his advertising can’t overcome the reality of going to the gas station, not being able to afford to buy a house, not being able to find a good job, learning that immigrants now are getting more jobs than Americans,” Gingrich emphasized.

“All these things fit in and people talk to each other way beyond television and way beyond social media. The conversation’s almost all bad for Joe Biden,” he added.

Although Biden reportedly raised $28 million over the recent weekend at a fundraiser in Los Angeles, Gingrich noted that such financial backing does little to sway public opinion formed by everyday economic experiences.

Despite Biden’s intensive advertising in swing states, Gingrich pointed to polls that show former President Donald Trump leading in key battleground areas.

A May survey by the New York Times and Siena College indicated Trump’s advantage over Biden in states like Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

These findings highlight widespread voter desire for substantial changes in America’s economic and political systems.

In comparison to 70% of voters who believe America’s economy and political system require “major changes,” only 13% of those polled believed Biden could implement the necessary changes if reelected.

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