New Gangs ‘An Enormous Threat’ to US

( – Highlighting the dire consequences of the Biden administration’s open border policies allowing criminals into America, wealthy areas in Los Angeles have become main targets for groups of “burglary tourists” from countries like Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

Exploiting a visa waiver program from 2014 designed to boost tourism from certain nations, these individuals are carrying out burglaries across well-off neighborhoods, as reported by Los Angeles Police Department officials.

In 2023 alone, these international thieves were linked to 94 burglaries within a single district of the city, which marks a substantial increase in their activity despite a general drop in burglaries citywide. The theft problem has risen to the point that it prompted the FBI to label this criminal as “an enormous threat” to the U.S.

Known as the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) this visa waiver program allows visitors from South America to enter the U.S. for several 90-day periods without strict checks.

By using this simple entry method the burglars pick rich homes for their robberies in strategic locations with soft bail policies and make sure they escape back to their countries before facing trial.

Notably these groups avoid carrying firearms to dodge severe gun charges but are reported to use technological devices to disrupt home Wi-Fi and security systems.

Local law enforcement efforts to tackle this issue were obstructed by Chilean authorities who refuse to share criminal records of nationals using the ESTA, which hinders the U.S.’ ability to conduct necessary background checks.

As a response various district attorneys, including Todd Spitzer of Orange County and the Ventura County DA’s office, are pursuing legal and prosecutorial measures to lessen the impact of these burglary rings.

Los Angeles has even created a specialized task force to address the rise of these crimes after a young Chilean national involved in a series of burglaries across Arizona and California was apprehended.

These “burglary tourists” know what they are doing by selecting their targets with precision and often exploiting legal loopholes to avoid being captured and prosecuted.

This issue not only poses a significant challenge to local law enforcement but also underscores the need for tighter border controls to protect Americans from illegals wreaking havoc.

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