Mystery Solved; Marine Found

( – Marine Cpl. Charles Alex Benfield, who vanished nearly two weeks ago from Camp Pendleton in Southern California, has been found safe.

As reported by the nonprofit The RAD Movement aiding his family during the search, Benfield has been located and is now getting the necessary support.

This comes after a period of uncertainty after he was detained by San Diego police for public intoxication, after which he was released from the McAlister Institute Recovery and Bridge Center on April 14.

Sarah Lazo, Benfield’s sister, relayed to a news outlet that Benfield “was saying how he was scared, he was going to lose his rank because they had to meet that following morning at 8 a.m., which he had obviously missed. He said he needed to find his phone, so he was going to go search for that.”

The situation escalated when Benfield failed to show up for duty on April 15 after a weekend in San Diego.

His unit, the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) launched an effort to find him while he was on active duty.

NCIS managed to make contact with Benfield on April 20, confirming he was safe and effectively closing the missing person case.

However, communication gaps remained as his family and The RAD Movement had not directly heard from him until recently.

The RAD Movement founder Sharie Finn shared that Benfield had an encounter with U.S. Border Patrol shortly before his status was confirmed. “When an adult goes missing in California, they are reported missing,” Finn stated.

“If any law enforcement agency encounters them, they simply ask them, ‘Are you a danger to yourself? Do you feel safe?’ If that individual says, ‘I am not a danger to myself and I feel safe,’ they are free to go. So in this case, that occurred,” Finn added.

Recently, the group informed that NCIS had acknowledged that Benfield had been safely recovered.

As of now, neither NCIS nor the Marine Corps have provided further details about the circumstances surrounding Benfield’s disappearance and recovery.

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