Mom of Dead Girl SLAMS Biden – Goes VIRAL

( – Following the recent murder of a young woman at the hands of an illegal, a Maryland mother called on Joe Biden to tighten border security.

Tammy Nobles lost her 20-year-old daughter Kayla Hamilton in a tragic incident in 2022 after a gang member raped and strangled her due to Biden’s ineffective border policies.

“It is occurring because Homeland Security and Health and Human Services are not doing their jobs and other agencies in power like the police and government aren’t doing anything to prevent this,” Nobles stated.

She holds the current administration responsible: “And Biden sure isn’t trying to prevent these types of crimes from happening. He is the one that is welcoming the illegal immigrants here.”

The spotlight on the nation’s border security intensified after 23-year-old Salvadoran gang member Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez was arrested for raping and murdering Rachel Morin on a Maryland hiking trail last August.

This incident occurred a year after Hamilton’s tragic murder in her trailer by another El Salvador MS-13 gang member.

The suspect in Hamilton’s case is a 17-year-old who was living in the same trailer after subletting it from another undocumented migrant. He was arrested in January 2023 and faces a first-degree murder charge.

Reflecting on Morin’s murder, Nobles empathized, “I am incredibly saddened that something like this has occurred again. I understand what Rachel’s mom and family are going through and the nightmare that they have to endure every day.”

Earlier this year, Nobles sued the federal government for $100 million for failing to adequately screen the suspect before allowing him into the country.

She learned that Morin’s murderer was not only wanted for a previous killing in El Salvador but had also assaulted a mother and young girl in Los Angeles.

“My message to Biden would be close the border and start vetting and background checking every illegal immigrant and start processing the ones that came here the legal way,” Nobles demanded.

“We can’t keep letting everyone in without properly vetting and background checking them,” she continued and said she remained committed to preventing further tragedies like Kayla and Rachel’s.

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