Military Academies Change Policy

( – In a significant move to promote raising families, the U.S. military service academies are making significant changes to support cadets who become parents while studying.

These academies, which train future military officers, have introduced new rules allowing cadets who give birth or father children to continue their education without interruption.

This update results from the Department of Defense’s new guidelines to ensure cadets can keep their parental rights. This change is prompted by the CADET Act, which stands for Candidates Afforded Dignity, Equality, and Training Act. Passed in December 2021, this law requires the military to protect the rights of parent cadets while balancing their academic and individual responsibilities.

Previously, cadets who became parents were faced with tough decisions. They often had to give up their parental rights, sometimes transferring these rights to the child’s other parent if they wanted to stay in the academy.

Now, the policy states that cadets can remain enrolled in their academy if they have a Family Care Plan, which outlines how their child will be cared for. For instance, the Air Force Academy has provided extensive training to its staff about this policy and has experts available to help cadets understand their rights and responsibilities.

Before this policy, cadets who had children while attending an academy were in a tough spot. Admitting to becoming a parent could lead to expulsion and a hefty bill for their education costs. This new policy eliminates such dilemmas, making it easier for cadets to balance their duties as parents with their military training.

Supporters of the CADET Act, like Evangeline Faussie from the Claire Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women, praise the law for allowing pregnant cadets to continue their education without being pressured to make difficult personal decisions. This change benefits both individuals and the military, saving resources and allowing cadets to complete their training.

The CADET Act was introduced by Senators Ted Cruz and Kirsten Gillibrand, reflecting bipartisan support for the initiative. It’s designed to ensure that military academies provide the same support for pregnant cadets and cadet parents as the rest of the military.