Mayorkas Dodges Bullet; GOP Reloading

( – After lining itself up to be a groundbreaking proceeding to achieve accountability in the face of the worst migrant crisis America has ever faced, the House effort to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas hit a wall.

Republicans accused Mayorkas of not following immigration laws on purpose and of lying to Congress about how secure the border is, but the attempt failed despite the serious charges. They also criticized his handling of asylum policies and the Remain in Mexico policy that contributed to a massive backlog of cases.

The vote was mostly split by political parties, with 214 Republicans voting for the measure. However four Republicans crossed party lines and sided with all 212 Democrats to tank the impeachment.

The Republican representatives that bucked their party were Ken Buck, Tom McClintock and Mike Gallagher. The real twist came when Blake Moore switched his vote from yes to no in a strategic move to bring up the measure in the future.

The move could have made history by making Mayorkas the first Cabinet member to be impeached since 1876 when Secretary of War William Belknap faced corruption charges but quit before he could be sacked.

During the discussions McClintock pointed out that the Founding Fathers did not want political disagreements to lead to impeachment because it could mess with the balance of power.

Previously all 216 Republicans present were united in a preliminary vote to move the impeachment process forward and Republican leaders were confident the impeachment would succeed.

Johnson had even listed 11 lawmakers to manage the impeachment process if it moved to the Senate. In his speech Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green defended the investigation into the border crisis, highlighted the human cost of drug overdoses and criticized Democrats for dismissing the hearings.

House Speaker Mike Johnson criticized Mayorkas for not following federal laws and said drastic times called for drastic measures. Despite the setback Johnson’s team vowed to bring the impeachment back when they have enough votes.