Key Dem FLIPS on Biden!

( – The tables are turning for Joe Biden, as his support among congressional Democrats waned further when prominent House committee member Adam Smith urged him to end his presidential campaign.

This call followed a disappointing debate performance last month and came shortly after Biden revealed he intended to continue his campaign through a letter and an rushed phone interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Despite Biden’s efforts to reassure his party, Smith, who is the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, pointed to opinion polls showing that voters felt Biden was too old to effectively serve another term.

“The president’s performance in the debate was alarming to watch and the American people have made it clear they no longer see him as a credible candidate to serve four more years as president,” Smith remarked.

He added, “Since the debate, the president has not seriously addressed these concerns” and insisted that Biden should step aside “as soon as possible.”

In a subsequent CNN interview with Jake Tapper, who co-moderated Biden’s disastrous debate, Smith said he preferred Kamala Harris as a successor.

He stated she would be a “much better, stronger candidate” and that Biden was “not the best person to carry the Democratic message.”

Smith criticized the approach of some Democrats and campaign staff who suggested moving past the debate as just a “bad night.”

He contended, “A lot of Democrats are saying: ‘Well let’s move on, let’s stop talking about it’,” and argued that ignoring the issue was not effective as “the country is bringing it up.”

Smith’s call adds to the voices of five other Democratic Congress members who publicly called for Biden’s withdrawal the previous week.

He was also among those who expressed similar sentiments in a private virtual meeting with House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries.

Meanwhile, Biden has defended his qualifications and cited his efforts in expanding NATO and supporting Ukraine against Russia’s invasion as evidence that he is capable to continue leading.

In his unexpected interview with Morning Joe, Biden blamed the challenges on “Democratic elites,” a group that might now include Adam Smith, according to his perspective.

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